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Bored after years of bending songs and minds with classic cover mash ups, PUNKFiSH is getting off the goat boat and heading for the green room. Roughly translated: no more cover songs, lots more original tunes - most of which have emanated from the somewhat dysfunctional mind of lead guitarist Riff Carnage.

With an oversupply of newly written material, PUNKFiSH headed into the studio to put down an EP full of sun-filled, panel van-rockin' fun. The addition of rhythm guitarist and singer Sid Fishes to the powerhouse rhythm section of Tempo Tantrum on Drums and Groove Frenzy on Bass has resulted in 6 tracks of glorious noise celebrating and building on the vibe of the classic surf tunes that started it all, while keeping a weather eye on life in 21st century Oz.

IF IT'S ROCKIN'... The new EP from PUNKFiSH - OUT NOW.

Clouds Reek Panno Crop
Long Shot
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